December 2012 - Rootless Wanderer

What’s wrong with the world!

The last year earthquake, tsunami, fire, wind and every signals of earth indicate a drastic change in it because of which those natural disasters happened.

The uprising and protest for freedom, peace, equality and rights around the depressed countries are also signalling something is wrong.

The corporate world not corporating anyone else then money and profit dragged us in so called no time and busy than ever before but need and requirement sees no end.

The insurance flooding us with various skims even for our daily need to our future security! But we are more insecure and unrest than ever before.

The energy has touches to nuclear pouring in enormous energy for all and disaster too has been pouring in enormously than ever before.

The day goes off with sweat and tiredness even though no hard work, less and very less no tension than ever before.

The feeling of cares are more verbal then in actual feeling.

The world is parted in continents, countries, states and areas creating a different in every thoughts and feelings.

The care and loves are very limited to one’s close relation or yourself only even though dependency on others have become so much.

Understanding the reality of every existence and its nature of existence, training your mind through the solid fact of impermanence of all existence by its nature and controlling our attachments to such impermanence will always gives us extra space to understand others whom we are depend upon for our own existence.