About - Rootless Wanderer

In this world, things are turning around and at the end it is the same where we started before. Whenever we make one specific thing as home or mine, there starts attachment, desire and greed though its all impermanence in nature. So a ROOTLESS makes home wherever I am and whatever it comes, so I have no attachment, desire and greed as I am in tune realising the impermanence of our life and existence. The moment, we stop at one place, one thought and one way, our mind stops revolving around to see, feel, learn and realising the so much amazement and learning are there in our world. So a Wanderer goes on endless and never stops likewise seeing places, understanding different way of thinking and way of life endlessly Living a lifetime learning.


Rootless Wanderer is a place on world wide web to share ideology and philosophy on life and way of life. It is of utmost important for all to share, learn and grow our understanding about life as rarely human are able to understand the very reality of life and often we go on with other’s thinking and steps leading us not satisfied or not to the ultimate joy that we are meant for.


I know Rootless Wanderer for more than 10 years and we often spend long hours talking about life and human way of life, his explanation about life makes me feel realise and many time relate to my own life. It’s been quite sometime not seeing him but I am eagerly looking forward to see him soon.Michael John Smith